It's time for a wealth tax

We advocate for a systemic change to tax wealth. In every country, across our planet. We challenge the perception that wealthy people don't want to pay taxes, we encourage and reassure politicians that wealth taxes will benefit everyone, and we help grow the movement calling for a redistribution of wealth.

The Team

We're a dedicated team working to advocate for a wealth tax globally. Meet us here and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet the team

Our Vision and Mission is clear

Human Act is an independent foundation (NGO) working with partners both nationally and internationally to create awareness about inequalities in the world and to mobilize people to advocate a fairer distribution of the world’s wealth.

Founder's Story and Dream

My name is Djaffar Shalchi and I have faith in the future of our wonderful world. My beloved wife and I started Human Act with a wish to make a difference in the life of the millions of people living in extreme poverty.

The end of extreme poverty will facilitate a world with less violence, greater sustainability, fewer refuges and less slavery. It will create a fairer, safer and more balanced world – for all of us.

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Our values

Human Act’s 10 values represent the ethical stance of our organization put into words. The values will guide the movement and frame our path towards achieving our goal.

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