Advocacy and Campaigns Manager

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The Advocacy and Campaign Manager of Millionaires for Humanity (MFH) will be responsible for leading strategic policy advocacy interventions in countries across the world, focusing particularly on those where wealth taxes are being actively considered by political leaders. The interventions will include support in developing the public narrative, coalition strengthening, research and policy development and policy implementation. The role will also use the momentum and learning from these countries to influence debates in other countries where there is potential for a wealth tax to move higher up the political agenda. 

The role complements the work of the Community Engagement Manager and the Communications and Content Manager by expanding, deepening, and sustaining advocacy efforts of MFH at the national and global levels. The role would be dynamic and flexible but could mean focusing on the following during the first 12 months:

  • Scoping where wealth taxes are being proposed and/or where there is real momentum for their implementation. Particular attention here will be placed on those countries where MFH has already launched wealth tax polls, highlighting resounding support for a wealth tax. These include Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Indonesia and Mexico.
  • Building relationships with those working at the national level in support of the introduction of wealth taxes; establishing with them which interventions could help influence the narrative on wealth taxation at the national level and rolling these out at opportune moments. This includes partnering with them in launching the latest wealth tax polls commissioned by MFH in countries like Finland, Ireland, New Zealand and Brazil.
  • Working in coordination with the Community Engagement Manager to enable members to add their “voice” and speak out in support of wealth taxes.
  • Working in coordination with the Communications and Content Manager to develop editorial and digital content to advance MFH’s policy advocacy.
  • Catalysing and coordinating influential economists, thought leaders and other influential national, regional and international media to jointly and publicly advocate for a wealth tax.
  • Working to showcase examples of countries that have introduced wealth taxation at the national and global level; bringing together political representatives who have been involved in the introduction of national wealth taxes where they already exist to offer advice to countries considering the introduction of such taxes. 
  • Strategic media engagement that could include polling, influencer letters, research, and statements from MFH members. 

Role requirements:

  • Exceptional experience leading international influencing on tax.
  • Exceptional experience combining lobbying, research, media, and popular campaigning.
  • Experience in “start-up” initiatives, working in multi-country teams, and building alliances. 
  • Flexible, catalytic, able to deliver without detailed supervision, and a great team player internally and externally. 
  • Solid research and analytical skills.
  • Strong interpersonal, presentation and communications skills.
  • Fluency in English essential and in other languages desired.
  • Already have a significant network of relevant contacts.
  • Solid experience with IT-systems and database management

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send us your cover letter and CV through the link below. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION is on 3 September 2021 C.O.B.

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