Our Values

Human Act’s 10 values represent the ethical stance of our organization put into words. The values will guide the movement and frame our path towards achieving our goal.

1. Love

Our work is grounded in love, meaning that the capacity to use the power of love to overcome even the strongest resistance working towards our vision. It is love that will save our world and civilization

2. Nonviolence

We reject the use of physical violence and call for nonviolence and peaceful behavior in all our actions. We believe that nonviolence is the most powerful means to enact social change.

3. Believe

We need to believe that status quo is changeable, and believe that unitedness can eradicate extreme poverty. Without believing in change, change will never be enforced.

4. Humility

The first condition of humanity is a little humility. Humility towards our fellow humans and to the tasks we will face on our way.

5. Courage

To face the problems of the world and the tasks that lie ahead of us. To have the courage and commitment to stand by our opinions and reach for our goals.

6. Generosity

We encourage people to selflessly spend time, money, and labor as a mean for creating better conditions for others.

7. Empathy

Conscious capitalism is developed by changing minds to feel empathy and recognize every person's right to life. Empathy involves not accepting extreme inequality, and striving to develop a world where everybody wins.

8. Forgiveness

Real strength requires the ability to forgive; forgive ourselves and those around us. The weak can never forgive - forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

9. Joy

To overcome misery, we must trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to and facilitate joy in every movement. Without joy, the creativity in our work will be lost.

10. Transparency

We practice and value completely open communication, visible actions and honesty. This includes total economic transparency.