Combined orphanage and school

Human Act initiated the process of establishing a combined private school and orphanage in Northern Uganda.

The project builds upon the legacy of Anna Marie Olet. She was a local visionary who following the civil war took it upon herself to care for local orphans and neglected children.

Unfortunately, Anna Marie was murdered in 2003. In her legacy, her family decided to donate 16.187 m2 land in the value of $100.000 to the local branch of Human Act. Furthermore, the family offered to use their two existing houses at the ground for orphanage.

At the donated land, Human Act wants to build a private school. The families who can afford it, will pay a small annual tuition fee of approximately $100. This will be enough to finance the running cost of private school and the orphanage, as well as the tuition fee for the orphans. This financing model has prior been used by good private schools in Kampala.

The orphanage

The orphanage will be placed in the two existing buildings donated by Anne Marie’s family. The orphanage has a capacity of 65 children, who all will be attending the private school, as their school expenses are covered by the fees from paying students.

The older building needs renovation. Furthermore, we need to equip both buildings with furniture, water tank for water supply as well as household necessities in general. The children will also need clothing and toys.

We purchase all necessities locally to prevent market distortion and stimulate the local economy.

The school

Education in public schools in Uganda tends to be of poor quality, implicating that the best way to ensure high quality education for the children is to build a private school. By building a private school, we make sure that potential donations will be safely invested, and ensure the future operation of the orphanage.

In Uganda the school system is structured around three steps of education; 7 years of primary education, 6 years of secondary education, and 3 to 5 years of post-secondary education. The school that Human Act seeks funding for will cover primary and secondary education, with two classes at each grade level.

The school will have 16 rooms; 12 class rooms, 1 library, 1 science room, 1 PC room and 1 teachers lounge. All rooms need to be equipped with furniture and learning materials.

To create ainspiring learning environment for the children, we also seek funding for a playground, a soccer field and a locker room.


The fees from the private school will partially cover the yearly expenses of the orphanage. Other initiatives to secure sustainability will be a small farm, a tailoring project and a small catering business.

Besides providing food and clothing for the orphans, the projects will provide the kids with important practical skills. Skills that can be used for ensuring self-sustainability in their grown-up lives.

Making the orphanage and school sustainable is an important part of Human Act’s plan. This will ensure the future of the project and also mean that we only need a one-time investment from human act founders


Senior secondary Level School


Human Act is cosponsoring the development of MARIOLETT Senior secondary Level School.
The school will be located in northern Uganda, Kamdini, which is under Oyam district, has a population of approximately 49.000.

There are currently 3 secondary schools in Oyam district and the closest secondary schools is between 30-75 kilometers away. Transport is a challenge to the students, whose parents can barely afford their tuition fees.

Kamdini is a trading center with roads connecting to North, Northeast and west Uganda. Unfortunately some of the children around the area are lured into selling goods and prostitution, which is common among the young community.


Some of the problems and challenges in the area:

  • Lack of secondary education
  • Lack of water
  • No access road
  • Good sanitation
  • Extreme poverty
  • Care for the orphans

Building MARIOLETT brings a secondary school closer to the community of approximately 11.000 people, will help fight and eradicate poverty and prostitution of the youth, provide employment to the local community.

MARIEOLETTs goal is to provide education to at least 840 students by 2024 and elevate the literacy level of youth and orphans in and around northern Uganda.

Read more about the partnership here