Human Act in Iran

Human Act has established a local branch in Iran and is in the process of register an Iranian nation-wide non-governmental organization. This will be completed in summer 2018.

The aim of our local branch is to establish a self-run foundation that can grow over time and become 100% independent.

Human Act support the construction of a local office building in Mashhad. The office is expected to be finished by summer 2018.

We look forward to supporting the local office with different projects in the future, so that it may lead them to be self-financing in the future.

Supporting orphans in Iran

Iranian orphanages do receive government funding. However, the support is minimal and not enough to maintain their facilities and cover all the children’s needs.

Contrary to the common definition of the word “orphan”, many Iranian orphans are not without living parents. Children are often placed in orphanages for a multitude of reasons, such as abandonment due to poverty, or due to incompetent parents (children of drug addicts and abusive homes). Without a sufficient foster care system in Iran, the support to orphanages is essential to secure that the children do not end up at the street.

Human Act decided to support orphanage in Iran, and the first project was in the city Mashhad, housing 30 girls. The existing orphanage’s lease was about to expire, and the manager did not have the financial capacity to extend the contract.

Human Act purchased a large house and renovated the building, financed new beds, inventories and clothes for the children.

Now the girls have homelike surroundings, and competent and loving people to take care of them. The long-term purpose of the orphanage is to secure that the children has health and safety, receive education, so they later in life will be able to move out and establish their own home and family.

The project is financed by the founders.