Human Act has decided to support Connecther's AIL’s Women’s Legal Clinic Project in Herat

Working with the Ministry of Women Affairs (MOWA) and the Human Rights Commission (HRC), AIL’s Women’s Legal Clinic Project in Herat provides legal support for indigent women. The five dedicated female lawyers assist women referred by the MOWA and HRC, as well as women who hear about the project on the radio or through other means.

The law clinic has won the trust of the women by taking on complicated cases for those with no financial resources and unable to fight for their rights. Staff lawyers work on a variety of cases affecting women, including child custody battles, protecting property or inheritance rights, and securing justice in cases related to child marriage, marriage without consent of the girl, and abuse.

In addition, the Legal Clinic staff speaks regularly about legal issues regarding women’s rights and the services of the legal clinic over Radio Merai, Dr. Yacoobi’s private radio station which is housed in the AIL’s office and supported by AIL. The Clinic legal staff also take part in women rights and legal symposiums, giving the staff the opportunity to see what others are doing.

The project is financed by the founders.