About Human Act

The Human Act Foundation is a Danish NGO with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with departments in Iran, Palestine, Nepal and Uganda. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Djaffar Shalchi and his wife Ané Maro founded the foundation in 2016 with a wish to make a difference in the lives of the millions of people living in extreme poverty. The foundation owns a property company called Human Act Properties. Human Act Properties manages six apartment buildings located in the Copenhagen Area, and ninety-eight percent of the surplus of Human Act Properties assets goes to the charitable work of the foundation.

Vision, mission & values


A just and sustainable world.


To transform the global distribution of wealth towards a more equitable society through awareness, action, and partnership.


To better the world, we value love, empathy, and generosity. Courage and belief in change are necessary, as is non-violence. Humility and forgiveness towards ourselves and others are also important.

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Founder’s story and dream

My name is Djaffar Shalchi and I have faith in the future of our wonderful world. My beloved wife and I started Human Act with a wish to make a difference in the lives of millions of people living in extreme poverty.
The end of extreme poverty will facilitate a world with less violence, greater sustainability, fewer refuges and less slavery. It will create a fairer, safer and more balanced world – for all of us.

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Meet our Advisory Board

The Human Act and Millionaires for Humanity Advisory Board will support insight, relation-building, and strategic advice to create a systemic change towards worldwide wealth taxation.

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Human Act Annual Reports

Our annual reports serve as both a time capsule and a compass. They encapsulate the milestones, initiatives, and achievements that have defined our trajectory throughout the year. Beyond just recounting facts, our reports embody the spirit of our journey, replete with stories of impact, challenges overcome, and the collective determination of our team and stakeholders. From the smallest triumphs to the grandest endeavors, our annual reports provide a panoramic view of our progress.

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The Human Act Team

We are a small and diverse team of dedicated professionals who collaborate with a collective goal of securing a more just and equitable global society. As a team we have a wide range of personal and professional achievements and you can read a little more about us in this section. Please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions you may have.

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