Here you can take a look at our team.

Djaffar Shalchi

Founder and Chair of Board

Djaffar is an engineer by trade and made his fortune as a real estate entrepreneur. Today he is driven by the vision of a fair and sustainable society. He established the Human Act foundation in 2016 with the mission to transform the global distribution of wealth towards a more equitable society through systemic change, and with it, the initiative Move Humanity. To engage like-minded millionaires across the world to push for taxes on wealth he created Millionaires for Humanity in 2019. Learn more about Djaffar and why he founded Human Act here.

Ané Maro

Founder and Board Member

Ané founded Human Act and Millionaires for Humanity with her husband, Djaffar, when they decided to donate half of their fortune to create the foundation in 2016. Ané has worked in a variety of professions, from ranking train carriages to being a kindergarten teacher. She is now focusing on systemic change by advocating for a 1% wealth tax globally. Her passion for philanthropy and advocacy stems from her early life experiences and a belief in creating an equitable society so no person is left behind. Learn more about Ané and why she founded Human Act here.

Ian Rush


Ian is the always smiling CFO, responsible for managing the financial actions of our organization and has been a part of Human Act since the very beginning. He’s educated from the University of Southern Denmark with a degree in Economy and Business Administration and has a past in sales. Ian is passionate about learning all kinds of skills and becoming really good at them – like when he became a national taekwondo champion in 2008.

Jonas Høiris Bluhme

Project Director

Jonas is the project director here at both Human Act and Millionaires for Humanity, he’s responsible for ensuring all the work we are doing here is constantly moving forward and in the right direction. Jonas has been working at Human Act on and off since 2017, most recently taking a break on account of the birth of his son. Jonas can certifiably say he is the only person in the office who has encountered a tiger in the wild after a unique chance sighting in Ranthambore National Park.

Sina Ghanbari

Head of Properties

Sina is the property manager for Arca Bolig and is responsible for all of Human Act’s properties in Denmark. He has worked within almost every aspect of the real estate industry, from sales and assessment of to project management of new construction projects, rental of homes, and commercial leases. Sina has an eagle-eye overview of the office and likes to make sure that everyone is happy and well-fed. On his Instagram, you won’t find anything except pictures of his daughter Alice.

Peter Jakobsen

Strategic Advisor

Peter has been supporting the management of Human Act since 2019. In 2021, he also became the CEO of Human Act Development, a venture investment company that supports Human Act Foundation with financial funding. He has held various leadership positions in both bigger corporations and startups, primarily within commodities and subscription-based businesses. When Peter is not scoping our next investment, he is a passionate mentor and board member.

Peter Brøndberg

Investment Manager

Peter works with the other Peter at Human Act Development, a venture investment company that supports Human Act Foundation with financial funding. He has been an HR Manager for eight years at Berlingske Media, where he was recognized as a “Berlingske Talent”. He holds an MSc in International Business and an MSc in Business Development from Copenhagen Business School. While completing the first degree, he worked as an HR Manager and created his own SaaS start-up, which he successfully launched in 2014. His son Hector has two half brothers, living in SOS villages in Ethiopia and Ghana named Daniel and Eric.

Alessandra Cuzzolino

Social Media Student Assistant

Alessandra is assisting with the managing of Human Act’s social media platforms, with a focus on the Millionaires for Humanity channels. She is a recent BA graduate in International and Diplomatic Affairs from the University of Bologna, in Italy, and is currently pursuing a MA degree in Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen. Alessandra has an extensive experience in cooperating with NGOs, spanning from Human rights organizations to feminist and gender equality-focused ones, with a sprinkle of migrants organizations and students unions. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French, and is currently struggling to learn Danish.

Aleksandra Anna Koba

Social Media Student Assistant

Pola is a psychologist and currently pursuing her second masters in Global Refugee Studies. She joined Human Act in 2023 as a student assistant. Her main interests lie in working with other people, specifically other expats living in Copenhagen, but she also loves writing and can best express herself through stories. She believes even the smallest actions are better than not acting at all. Pola is also an avid fan of knitting and ceramics – her current goal is to learn to make a perfect cup that would go with the handmade purple sweater.

Aura-Maria Teguș

Social Media Student Assistant

Maria is a Social Media Student Assistant currently pursuing her masters in Media and Communication completed by a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a Marketing & Management specialisation. She has a passion for anything digital or social media marketing related and expertise in content creation. In her free time, she is reading thriller books or learning a new language. Her current challenge is Danish, and she won’t give up until she can succesfully pronounce rødgrød med fløde like a dane.