Human Act Award 2022

The Human Act Award for 2022 has been awarded to Marlene Engelhorn for her incredible and relentless approach to working towards wealth taxes in german-speaking europe.
Here are Marlene’s own words about receiving the Human Act Award 2022.

Marlene Englehorn

“Tax justice means redistribution of wealth in a transparent and democratic way. Everyone relies on those around them; in a society this translates to the fact that there is no wealth without societies that generate and secure it. The most democratic thing we can do is pay fair taxes in order to share the wealth we create together. Human Act is taking this seriously, which is why they also advocate for tax justice via the initiative Millionaires for Humanity.”

Marlene is the co-founder and one of the faces of the Taxmenow association, a group of over fifty German-speaking wealth holders who demand higher taxes for the rich and want their fortunes to be redistributed systematically and democratically. Like Human Act, Marlene believes that millionaires need to go beyond philanthropy and towards creating real systematic change.

“Wealthy people receive far greater media attention when they raise an issue, that’s unfortunate but the people at MFH, Taxmenow and I want to use this in order to work together on addressing wealth inequality – in solidarity with social movements.”

Marlene has decided not to receive the cash prize of $100,000 which comes with the Human Act Award, but instead advised us to donate the money to others in need. The money has therefore been donated to communities in Nepal through our partner organisation in the region.

Picture by: © Ulrich Palzer