Chronicles of Progress: Our Annual Reports

Our annual reports serve as both a time capsule and a compass. They encapsulate the milestones, initiatives, and achievements that have defined our trajectory throughout the year. Beyond just recounting facts, our reports embody the spirit of our journey, replete with stories of impact, challenges overcome, and the collective determination of our team and stakeholders. From the smallest triumphs to the grandest endeavors, our annual reports provide a panoramic view of our progress.

Human Act Annual Report 2021/2022

Human Act is an independent foundation (NGO) working with partners both nationally and internationally to create awareness about inequalities in the world and to mobilize people to advocate a fairer distribution of the world’s wealth.

Human Act focuses its efforts on how the world can finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Since 2016, Human Act has been advocating a wealth tax on significantly wealthy people through different initiatives like Move Humanity and Millionaires for Humanity.

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Human Act Annual Report 2020/2021

This report delves into Human Act’s journey, including the Founder’s perspective on going beyond philanthropy. It covers our origin, vision, mission, and achievements from 2016-2021, along with strategic goals for 2020-2030. Financially, we’re committed to the Sustainable Development Goals via initiatives like Millionaires for Humanity. Millionaires’ voices advocating change and global support for wealth tax are highlighted. Our philanthropic impact spans women’s and children’s rights across Bangladesh, the DRC, Iran, Nepal, Palestine, and the Mariolett School in Uganda. The report features the Human Act Award 2021 and offers a glimpse of our future development. Recommended reading caps it off for those wanting to explore further.

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Human Act Annual Report 2019/2020

This compilation encapsulates vital aspects of our journey, from the visionary Founder’s Words to the core of our Vision, Mission, and Values. It unveils the essence of Human Act, delves into our work areas and financial sustenance, underscores the power of wealth taxation and the fight against inequality. The report highlights the esteemed Human Act Award, showcases impactful projects on the ground, and echoes our strategic goals for the future. Meet the dedicated team driving change, explore our media presence, and discover our collaboration with Greta Thunberg for a shared vision. This report is a testament to our commitment, growth, and relentless pursuit of positive impact. Stay connected with our contact information and social media channels.

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