Human Act Development

Human Act Development invests in businesses to create additional financing for our work and thus have a bigger impact. The investments are focused on technology that improves quality of life and supports equality in all of its shapes. The goal is to return profit to Human Act Foundation by the end of 2025 going forward.

Human Act Development was established in the spring of 2021 to support Human Act Foundation with additional financial assets to strengthen the awareness and capabilities of the organization.

The investment portfolio is diverse and includes direct investments in companies (technology and trends of the future), established venture capital funds that focus on early-stage investments (primarily European companies) and through public opportunities like stocks, currencies and IPOs.

An Investment Committee composed of investment experts and leading branch representatives supports Human Act Development when making critical decisions.

Human Act Properties (Arca Bolig )

Human Act Properties (Arca Bolig ) is our primary source of funding. We manage 186 tenancies divided into 170 private tenancies and 16 commercial tenancies. Our properties are located in Denmark, notably in Vesterbro, Christianshavn, Frederiksberg, Brønshøj and Kokkedal and we are continuously working on developing new properties.

We consist of a dedicated team of employees who do everything to ensure that all tenants feel safe - from the first contact, to moving in, ongoing property service and moving out. We also work in collaboration with Hjortskov Advokatfirma to ensure all our properties are managed and maintained to the highest standards possible.