The Human Act Award

As we entered into 2020, Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General announced: A Decade of Action on Delivering the SDGs. This Decade of Action is central to achieving the SDGs. We need Global Action, Local Action, and the People to take Action. After this announcement, Human Act decided to establish the Human Act Award, in solidarity with this call to action and to promote this needed action.

Since 2020, the Human Act Award has been awarded to passionate change-makers who are dedicated to action on the world’s most pressing issues. The Human Act Award is awarded to a person or organisation, who has demonstrated a visionary, courageous, knowledgeable, and creative approach to achieving the UN’s SDG’s.

The award will be awarded annually until 2030 and consists of a bronze sculpture by Danish artist Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen. The winner of the award is announced each year on International Mother Earth Day, April 22nd.

You can see the previous winners of the award below.

Human Act Award 2024

The Human Act Award for 2024 has been awarded to Tim receives this year’s Human Act Award for his exceptional dedication in his role as Secretary-General for ActionAid Denmark and his courageous stance against the Danish state. His tireless efforts for global solidarity and the fight for justice mean he deserves this recognition, says Djaffar Shalchi, founder of Human Act.

I am honored and grateful to receive the Human Act Award. I am especially pleased that the award recognizes work that involves many others—namely the lawsuit against the Danish state over weapons exports to Israel. Many of us have been engaged over the past months in defending civilian lives and guarding international law and human rights. If I have learned anything during this difficult time, it is that the best antidote to discouragement is engagement with others—and that is something that the Human Act Award has recognized for several years, says Tim Whyte, Secretary-General at ActionAid Denmark.

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Human Act Award 2022

The Human Act Award for 2022 has been awarded to Marlene Engelhorn for her incredible and relentless approach to working towards wealth taxes in german-speaking europe.
Here are Marlene’s own words about receiving the Human Act Award 2022.

“Tax justice means redistribution of wealth in a transparent and democratic way. Everyone relies on those around them; in a society this translates to the fact that there is no wealth without societies that generate and secure it. The most democratic thing we can do is pay fair taxes in order to share the wealth we create together. Human Act is taking this seriously, which is why they also advocate for tax justice via the initiative Millionaires for Humanity.”

Picture by: © Ulrich Palzer

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Human Act Award 2021

Human Act Award 2021

Sikandar Malik Siddique received the Human Act Award in 2021 in recognition of Siddique’s targeted efforts against inequality, racism, discrimination, and climate change in Denmark.
Sikandar Siddique is 34 years old, born and raised in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. He was elected to the Danish Parliament in 2019.

Human Act founder Djaffar Shalchi has this to say about the decision, “I am proud to present Sikandar Siddique with our annual award. He is a role model for a diverse Denmark and a strong voice in the debate on inequality, climate and Danish democracy.”

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Djaffar meets Greta Thunberg to award her the Human Act Award.

Human Act Award 2020

The Human Act Award of 2020 was awarded to Greta Thunberg, through the Greta Thunberg Foundation, for her fearless and determined efforts to mobilize millions of people around the world to fight climate change.
“Like the climate crisis, the Corona pandemic is a child-rights crisis. It will affect all children, now and in the long-term, but vulnerable groups will be impacted the most. I’m asking everyone to step up and join us in support of UNICEF’s vital work to save children’s lives, to protect health and continue education” says Greta Thunberg.

Greta Thunberg used the $100,000 award money with Human Act additional $100,000 to kick off a fundraising campaign for vulnerable children affected by the consequences of the corona crisis. The campaign called – Let´s Move Humanity for Children in the Fight against Coronavirus – raised just over $ 1.3 million for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Greta Thunberg