Millionaires for Humanity

Human Act works to model collaboration and collective action. We are proud to have launched and to host several joint initiatives.

In 2021, we formally launched Millionaires for Humanity - a collaboration of a group of high-net-worth individuals committed to going beyond philanthropy, advocating for the systemic change needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to provide the secretariat and host it. You can find out more about Millionaires for Humanity on the button below.


Move Humanity

A justice and wealth initiative

Move Humanity is a new global initiative aiming to mobilize each year at least 1 percent of the wealth of the world’s super-rich for the Sustainable Development Goals, either through philanthropy or taxes.

It highlights the power and potential that the world’s wealthiest individuals can have by donating just 1% of their wealth each year to addressing this century’s most pressing challenges.


Mount Everest

CEO of Harkat Ensani, Javad Nowroozi, decided to climb the world’s highest mountain in May 2017, waving Human Act / Move Humanity´s logo at the very top. Together with his team, he campaigned for Move Humanity at the peak of Mount Everest at 8848 meters' height.

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