Girls at the Mashhad orphanage celebrating
Disaster Relief Medical Aid Social Justice Iran 2019

A Year of Support for Harkat Ensani

Since 2018, Human Act has supported the Iranian NGO Harkat Ensani in Mashhad with their activities across the year. Our supporting contributions this year have included numerous projects on the ground in Mashhad.

• Humanitarian work in cooperation with Red Crescent after the January floods in Sistan and Baluchestan, left casualties and widespread damages to infrastructures and assets of the local communities.

•Assisting and contributing to the fight against COVID-19 by spraying disinfectants in key public locations in Mashhad, helping reduce the spread of the disease within the city.

• A national photo competition and exhibition calling on local people to submit photos which show poverty and inequality issues in the region, the purpose of this competition was to highlight the issues regarding inequality in the local region.