National Center for Community Rehabilitation (NCCR) - participants in the program.
Medical Aid Schools Palestine 2019 2020

National Center for Community Rehabilitation (NCCR)

NCCR is an independent and non-profit Palestinian NGO that aims to assist persons with physical disabilities within the Gaza Strip in order to promote their opportunities for independent living, inclusion and the achievement of individual life goals. This is implemented through community-based rehabilitation activities in the fields of home care, capacity building, advocacy and awareness raising programs.

Humanity 4 Palestine is supporting the Home Care program, set up for providing home care for people with physical disabilities by a qualified multidisciplinary medical team that includes a physician, a physiotherapist, a nurse, an occupational therapist and a psychologist – all trained by international experts. The team provides integrated services for PWDs, especially children in homes such as nursing, physical therapy and psychological support services, in addition to training their families on the basics of home care. Moreover, people with disabilities are provided with the necessary medical supplies, assistive devices and occupational therapy services. This program also provides a wide range of therapy sessions, including individual and group psychological support, mind and body therapy, playing, drama and music, and social activities. These services aim to improve the health and psychological status of persons with disabilities to increase their self-confidence and ability to deal with significant life changes and challenges and to alleviate social and psychological burdens on families of children with disabilities.