Medical Aid Social Justice Palestine 2021 2022

NAWA for Culture and Arts Association

NAWA for Culture and Arts Association, in partnership with Catharsis Holistic Healing, is expanding trauma healing support for children in the West Bank. The donation will fund a three-month teacher training in trauma healing in Gaza and the West Bank, training Palestinian healers, teachers, counselors, and psychiatrists in holistic approaches. The project’s goals include developing an Arabic trauma healing curriculum for schools and creating a training platform and website. The teacher training encompasses various techniques such as somatic practice, Kundalini Laya yoga, the Community Resiliency Model, Emotional Freedom Technique, active meditation, and art, dance, and drama therapy. By extending healing retreats and meditation workshops to children aged 5-12 in the Gaza Strip suffering from PTSD and psychosocial issues, the project aims to make a lasting impact on their well-being and future.